Compare the 2019 Grand Cherokee to the Competition

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Comparison

Jeep Grand Cherokee has long been known for its impressive dependability and reliability, making it one of the most popular vehicle options in our entire inventory on a consistent basis. Our Alabama customers love the versatility Grand Cherokee offers, as well as their ability to adapt to whatever the current conditions call for. Grand Cherokee is back for model year 2019, and taking the streets of Birmingham by storm. But we wanted to see how these new 2019 models held up when put in a head-to-head battle with one their biggest competitors, the 2019 Toyota Highlander. Let's see what happens when these two SUV titans go toe-to-toe to see who will come out on top.

Standard Engine

Grand Cherokee - 3.6 DOHC V6

Highlander - 2.7 DOHC

Zero to 60 MPH

Grand Cherokee - 6.6 sec

Highlander - 7.2 sec

Cargo Area  (rear seats up)

Grand Cherokee - 36.3 cubic feet

Highlander - 13.8 cubic feet

Maximum Towing

Grand Cherokee - 7400 lbs.

Highlander - 5000 lbs.

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs 2019 Toyota Highlander

While both the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Toyota Highlander are at the top of their respective SUV class, it's easy to see which vehicle comes out on top in the areas that matter the most to our Birmingham customers. Grand Cherokee brings more power to the table, making it the ideal option for all of your Alabama adventures. While the 2019 Highlander puts up a good fight, it simply can't match up with these new Jeep Grand Cherokee models.

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