Value Your Trade & Sell Us Your Car

If you find yourself thinking that your old car just isn’t worth the hassle anymore then take it over to Hendrick CDJR Hoover to trade it in. Whether it’s in need of expensive repairs, the car note costs more than it’s worth or even if the warranty has expired we will take it off your hands!

Our priority here at Hendrick CDJR Hoover is to give our drivers the best deal for their used cars, trucks, and SUVS. You can use the money you get to either put it towards your future vehicle or just keep your money for something else, no need to buy one of our cars.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Trades

How Should I Prepare My Vehicle Before Trading In?

Get the most money for your trade-in by following few simple steps before you take your car to the dealership:

  • Give your vehicle a wash and make sure you thoroughly clean the interior and exterior
  • If there are any small issues with your vehicle that are easily fixable, do so
  • Make sure there are no extra personal items left in your vehicle
  • Prepare any relevant documents or paperwork such as registration, titles and such

Can I Trade in my Vehicle if I Still Owe Money?

To put it simply, yes you can still trade in your vehicle regardless of if you still owe money or not. It is important to know how much equity you have in your vehicle though in order to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Equity is essentially the difference between your car’s current value and the amount of money you owe on the vehicle’s loan. When trading in your vehicle you can either pay off your loan or put it towards your next vehicle!

How Much Return Can I Expect to Make on my Trade-In?

To quickly find out how much you can get for your trade-in vehicle from Hendrick CDJR Hoover, use our Trade Pending tool above! We pride ourselves on giving our drivers the fairest price for their used vehicle trade-in.

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