Go Custom in Birmingham with a Jeep Commando from Hendrick CDJR Hoover

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The Hendrick Commando® ultralight tactical vehicle (UTV) is a commercial design vehicle modified to military specification in order to meet direct transportation support of combat and/or tactical operations. Hendrick Commando Jeeps were manufactured specifically for use off-road, and each Hendrick Commando model includes several features and options that distinguish the vehicle in safety, versatility and affordability. Hendrick Jeep Commando models deliver Agile Strength™ like never before, allowing our Birmingham, Alabama customers to experience the great outdoors in new and exciting ways.

Jeep Commando 2

With the shortest wheelbase, Hendrick Commando 2 models maximize maneuverability where tight terrain dictates minimal turning radius and break-over angle. Hendrick Commando 2 provides seating for two, and makes use of two removable hard doors and top. An enclosed cargo space of 55 cubic feet is provided behind the occupant seating, providing just enough room for you to store all of your gear in preparation for your next Birmingham, Alabama outdoor excursion.

Jeep Commando 4

Hendrick Jeep Commando 4 models define modern day versatility by providing two configurations that can each be utilized to match the mission profile, whatever that might be. In standard setup, Hendrick Commando 4 provides seating for four and utilizes four removable hard doors and top. When needed, their 31 cubic feet of enclosed cargo space can quickly and easily be expanded to 70 cubic feet by simply removing the second row seating.

Jeep Commando S

Without question, the Hendrick Jeep Commando S is a special sort of vehicle that is distinguished as a pickup truck capable of traversing very rough Alabama terrain. With its available cargo bed and available mission pallet attachment, these innovative Jeep models can be field configured to support virtually any purpose Birmingham owners can think of. Hendrick Commando S provides seating for two, and utilizes two removable hard doors, a removable top, as well as a removable cab.

Commando Agile Strength and Safety

Maximum payload and terrain mobility package for Jeep Commando models have been validated through Government testing on mission profile, at gross vehicle weight rating. Their Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) was engineered using finite element analysis (FEA) to exceed FMVSS 216 load standards, and fully TIG welded chromoly tubing anchored through multiple points to vehicle frame rails is extraordinarily tough and completely non-removable. Multi-point latch-style safety harnesses are installed at each seat position, ensuring you’ll be strapped in safely as you set out upon your next off-road adventure in Birmingham, Alabama. The compression-ignition diesel/JP-8 engine featured in Jeep Commando models at Hendrick CDJR Hoover work to avoid the dangers associated with spark-ignited systems and gasoline engines. A centrally located transmission shift lever and emergency brake lever allow Jeep Commando occupants other than driver to be able to stop the vehicle if necessary. Safety and situational awareness are enhanced through Commando’s occupant comfort systems. These systems include a removable cabin enclosure, doors with operable windows, windshield with wipers and washers, heating/air conditioning climate control, sliding and reclining seats, rear view mirrors and turn signals. Hendrick Commando models also includes a mechanical emergency brake system that is independent of the regular hydraulic brakes, ensuring you’ll be able to stop whenever you need to.

Big on Versatility

Hendrick Commando capabilities extend across multiple types of Alabama surfaces, terrains, and environments with optional high payload and terrain mobility that has been validated through Government testing and completed to SOF mission profile. Jeep Commando’s provides side-by-side/UTV type agility, but don’t require a tow vehicle and trailer to travel long distance or over paved surfaces. Operators have noted this distinct benefit in the field, citing the range of uses and areas they can cover with just one versatile tactical vehicle. The turbocharged engine and electronically-controlled high-pressure fuel injection ensure Hendrick Commando models are able to perform at higher elevations, allowing owners to experience areas of Alabama they probably thought impossible. Multiple tactical systems developed by Government labs and defense primes have been integrated, test validated and combat fielded onboard Jeep Commando models at Hendrick CDJR Hoover. These include man-optional robotic applique, field engineering support systems, situational awareness platforms, counter-IED systems, communications, and expeditionary power generation. The optional robotics developed and fielded onboard Hendrick Commando models are distinct with regard to versatility. First, the robotics are an applique, so the vehicles can be prepared for robotics, but only those units requiring robotic capability have the applique installed. Second, the system is man-optional. No ground robotic system yet can safely and effectively move through highly dynamic conditions, like a public urban setting, as fast as a human driver. So the robotics are employed only when needed, in just minutes, and controlled wirelessly through man-pack remote or integrated controls onboard another Hendrick Commando. Jeep Wrangler is sold in more than 100 countries around the world, and the Jeep Commando models at Hendrick CDJR are perfectly at home in an urban setting where they are capable of maintaining lower visibility than other military vehicles. Yet its compact size and effective features permit an immediate shift to supporting tactical missions over cross-country terrain, making these innovative off-road vehicles a fun and exciting option for your next Birmingham, Alabama adventure.

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