What Does “Perform Service” Mean on my Jeep?

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One of the greatest benefits of owning a Jeep is the amount of care the company takes in the diagnostic and safety technology in their SUVs. If your Jeep has an issue, it will probably tell you as much! Of course, since space is at a premium on a dashboard, many times the message is a simple “Perform Service.” What does that mean? We’ve compiled the answers here!

Why Does My Jeep Keep Asking Me to Perform Service?

When the “Perform Service” indicator comes on, your Jeep has reached its scheduled mileage for regular maintenance. What specifically is needed depends on the mileage and your model, but you should be able to find out by checking your owner’s manual.

Regardless of the reason, you should bring your Jeep into a service center, like the one at Hendrick Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Hoover. The mechanics there will reset your maintenance light so that you’ll be ready the next time you need service too.

What Does “Perform Service” Mean?

Most of the time, a “Perform Service” light means it’s time to change your oil. Other car manufacturers have similar indicators that mean the same or similar things, and specific Jeep models of certain model years might differ slightly as to what this light means.

However, most of the time, when you see “Perform Service,” that means it’s time to get your oil changed.

How Long Can I Drive With the Maintenance Light On?

With any maintenance notification, you shouldn’t drive any further than you have to. Jeep engineers those lights to come on when it needs servicing, and since you can’t be sure how major the issue is that the “Check Engine” light is warning you about, you should take it to a professional as soon as you can.

If a service technician looks at the issue and gives you the go-ahead to drive for a little while they wait for a part or something else, you can defer to them; however most of the time you’ll need your vehicle repaired before you continue to drive it.

Why Is the Maintenance Light on After an Oil Change?

If you’ve just gotten your oil changed and your Maintenance Light is on again, the most likely event is that your mechanic forgot to reset the light. It’s a common mistake that service centers can make, though it can also be a sign that your Jeep has a bigger issue going on.

To be safe, you should bring it back to the service center to double-check that everything is fine. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Jeep Service Center in Hoover

When your Jeep’s “Perform Service” indicator lights up, bring it to the experts at Hendrick Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Hoover near Birmingham. We have the tools, the training, and the expertise to fix whatever needs fixing on your Jeep SUV. Schedule a service appointment with us today! We have plenty of service specials and financing available too. Stop by our dealership or shop online today.

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